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Due to the overwhelming number of Crazy Bones Fans, we have decided to make all the features of the Crazy Bones Fan Club available to all! You will no longer need to have a special name and password to Play The Craze!

There is not a separate Fan Club you need to send anything to. PLEASE NOTE: There is a Fan Club sign up form in the Crazy Bones Handbook Vol. 3. This is the old address, you do not need to send anything in. Please do not send that form, we will not get it.

Please click on Fun Stuff for all the games and activities!!!


NEW!   Be A Crazy Bones Sales Person!

* Write Your Name & Address on a piece of paper

*Take it to your local Store (Who doesn't carry Crazy Bones)

*Tell them you and your Friends want Crazy Bones!

*Now get your Mom or Dad and read this:

We have so many Crazy Bones Fans all across America, and they want someplace in their town where they can shop for all the Cool Crazy Bones Products. We want to help, and could use your help!

Here's your chance to be a Crazy Bones Sales Person:

If your local Toy or Gift Store doesn't carry Crazy Bones, ask them to get them in for you and all your Friends. Give the Store a index card or small piece of paper with your name and address. When the Store orders Crazy Bones, tell them to send it in or tell us your name and address. When we get your name from the new Store, we'll send you a  special sales reward kit for your help. The kit will be filled with fun stuff and some very hard to get special stuff and is worth more than $35.00!

(Be SURE to check with your Parents first!)

Why are we doing this? We have lots of people out selling Crazy Bones, but we can't get everywhere. Our Fans are our best Sales People - why not reward them for their help! Plus the local Store people might not know about Crazy Bones or how they can get them.

Tell them to call us toll free at 800-454-2663, we'll take it from there!

Thanks and Play The Craze