Getting Started with Crazy Bones
Crazy Bones are great for collecting, but they're also for playing with. Check out the great games that you can play with Crazy Bones by using the links below. 

Baseball, Crazy Soccer and Bone Roll are great additions to the classic Crazy Bone games that you've always played.  Check them out today by choosing a button below.

Also, check out our Crazy Bones Color Guide to see the different colors your favorite Crazy Bone character comes in!

Here's a great new game sent to us from Michael in Pequannock, NJ - Thanks Michael

"Feelin' Crazy"
2+ Players
Get a shoebox (with no shoes inside, obviously) and put all your and your friend's Crazy Bones inside.
Each player takes turns picking a bone with a hand over their eyes.  No peeking!  When a player picks up a Crazy Bone, he/she must guess what the Crazy Bone is, by feeling it. 10 correct guess's and that player wins!  (Experts: Try to get 10 in a row to win!)


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