Welcome Parents!
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, our goal is to provide a safe, entertaining online experience for our fans.  This page is intended to act as a reference for you of what is on our website, as well as a convenient point of access to our policies, site contents and contact information.  At the bottom of this page you will find links to some sites which address child safety on the internet.
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Our Company -
Toy Craze, Inc. was formed in December of 1997.  We maintain administrative and distribution facilities in Cleveland, Ohio and Solon, Ohio.  Our initial and current product line is Crazy Bones collectable game pieces.  Our mission for Crazy Bones and any subsequent products that we offer is simply that they be fun, interactive conduits to children's play.  Product's that are creative and stimulate a child's imagination.  Many of the great ideas we have for Crazy Bones characters and games come directly from our fans.  This is the type of interaction we hope for and our vision for the core of our company.

We welcome input from our parent's, as you are some of our biggest fans!

Parent Resources -

Informs parents and teachers about safe internet for kids

Resource for children and the Internet. Offers safety tips, and software filtering.

Resources for Internet Parents

Ways to safeguard children from the dangers presented by cyberspace.

Toy Craze Supports the Starlight Children's Foundation

What are Crazy Bones?
The games that children play with Crazy Bones will look familiar to anyone who ever played marbles, jacks or other old-time games when they were little.

We invite you to take a look at our Who's Who page to learn more about what Crazy Bones are. Also stop by our Getting Started page to learn about the different games that your kid's can play with Crazy Bones.

Our Privacy Policy -

  • Crazy Bones Dot Com encourages parents to explore Crazy Bones Dot Com with their children.
  • Crazy Bones Dot Com monitors all messages, postings, and other submissions that kids send in. 
  • Crazy Bones Dot Com does share general survey information from Crazy Bones Dot Com and other surveys with our partners and clients. We do not share kids' real names when sharing this information.
  • Crazy Bones Dot Com does not share or sell registration information to anyone outside of the staff.  All registration information is kept private.
  • Crazy Bones Dot Com does not publish last names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other information that identifies who you are. All this information will be deleted from kids' messages and other postings on the site.
  • Crazy Bones Dot Com does not use its mailing list to send junk mail or "spam." We only use the list to mail out the Crazy Bones Fan Club Update and e-mail updates about new content on Crazy Bones Dot Com.


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